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Professors of Management, Economics and Marketing

Professors at our universities
Who are looking for doctoral students and their fields of research

Dear Friends,


Following the high level that you present in all of our doctoral programs, a phenomenon has begun that professors turn to Gaia and ask that we find them doctoral students in their fields of research. I am happy to pass on to you the list of professors and disciplines we have received over the past few months. All of these areas of research are doctoral theses with a master’s degree as a prerequisite. Here you will find professors in various fields that are suitable for those who are looking for a doctorate in education, a doctorate in special education, a doctorate in mathematics teaching, a doctorate in business administration, a doctorate in nursing, a doctorate in psychotherapy, a doctorate in marketing ... ..more and more


At the beginning you will find the list of professors and research topics and in some cases you will also find details on each topic.  We'll be happy if you go through the list and see if one of the topics speaks to you. And we'll be happy if you find errors and enlighten our eyes.  In any case, I emphasize again, we are just constantly asked - these are doctoral programs without the need for a master's thesis.


If you find a field that speaks to you then you have a professor who is waiting especially for you !!! If you did not find one then challenge us and let us turn the world around for you - history shows that there is a reasonable chance that we will indeed succeed !!!


Geo Ariel Fox, Founder and CEO

Gaia - a world of academia

Areas of research

Part Four - Doctoral Topics in Management, Economics and Marketing

Prof. Tom Sterla

  # Neurotechnology and Economics: Social Impact and Ethical Questions

Prof. Victory Ali Taha

# Cultural differences, stereotypes and communication problems in intercultural communication in a multicultural work environment

# Diversity and intercultural relationships in the workplace in relation to employee performance and occupation

Prof. Peter Jacob

# Analytical view of the importance and impact of tax ethics on the management of business entities in fulfilling tax obligations 

Prof. Edward Baumel  

# Forecasting Bankruptcy of Companies

#Combination of stock markets

# Evaluating success factors and perception of leadership qualities

Prof. Elena Dankov

# Financial analyzes, reports and models of financial planning as a tool for change management

Prof. Robert Itzok

# Management of a micro-regional association of municipalities in the context of its geographical conditions 

Prof. Recital Rona

# Methods and models of strategic performance management and their comparison in multinational companies

# Strategic management of business performance based on control and business intelligence 

Prof. Jan Sushetsk

# Analytical look at regional differences  

# Temporary spatial development of headquarters of large organizations and banks

# Regional development from an institutional point of view  

# Marketing of an extensive territorial unit in light of research

Prof. Robert Washed

# Analytical view on trade management with the application of newer areas of neuro-linguistic marketing in increasing the competitiveness of businesses

# Marketing of intangible products and the types of services selected under organizational conditions

Prof. Jan Zabdsky

# Economic and managerial aspects of integration in management systems

Prof. Radovan Batzik  

# Consumer behavior of the new generation of customers with an emphasis on identifying preferences and usability of mobile platforms in the e-commerce process

# Options for using specific tools for marketing communications of service companies

# Research on the development of e-commerce and mobile in terms of the impact of modern technologies and cellular communication platforms on consumer behavior and consumer preferences

# Analysis of the consumer behavior issue of a new generation of customers with an emphasis on the uncertainty in the e-commerce process

# Dominant PR strategy and marketing communication policy of the regional city

Prof. Milan Drupa

# Undesirable forms in management and the context for influencing the quality of work performance 

Prof. Richard Fedorko

# Research into factors that influence consumer behavior in the online shopping process

Prof. Mirslav Gamber

#Application of synergistic principles in selected areas of economics and management  

# Analysis of factors influencing project management solution in project submission in less developed areas

Prof. Cyrus Jaroslav

# Impact of globalization on performance and competitiveness

#Bas assumptions and stipulations for the formation of the knowledge economy

# Cross-border mergers and acquisitions and their border settlers in the European region

# The impact of globalization and integration processes on the reallocation of capital through cross-border mergers and acquisitions in Europe

Prof. Monica Hodikov

# Assessing the status of foreign direct investment and their impact on regional development

#Using artificial intelligence tools in business practice

# Food security risks - trends and solutions 

Prof. Emilia Atmanov

# Analytical view of the sustainable development management of European countries in the face of global challenges

Prof. Alexandra Chepchek

# Mergers and acquisitions as a tool for strategic management  

#Legal, ending and accounting aspects of mergers and cross-border acquisitions in the EU

# Analysis and forecast of the business environment development in selected EU countries

Prof. Dana Kisak  

# Approaches to managing business performance with a focus on growth, ie long-term performance in the European region

Prof. Restislav Kotulik  

# Effects of EU funding on potential outputs and employment

# A study of the factors of prosperity and competitiveness of companies in a market economy  

# Structural adjustment to the Israeli economy and its effect on labor productivity and employment 

Prof. Ladislav Sohani

# Products in regional marketing as a decisive factor in the development of the region

# A study of personal sales factors in the business management of companies operating in the field of services

# The conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the area as a tool for the competitiveness of the area 

Prof. Alzeba Suhani  

# Accounting, finishing and managerial aspects of intangible assets in a developing company

# Analysis of the economic context of wealth and well-being: the natural level of income disparities

Analysis of assets, revenues and financial condition of hotels

Prof. Mirolev Skoda  

# Fair value as a basis for valuation in light of financial analysis  

# The process of harmonization of Slovak accounting legislation with EU law

#Using mathematical methods in accounting and auditing

# Reporting accounting information in hyper-inflationary economies

#Accounting harmonization in Central Asia 

Prof. Yorach Taj

# Risk management and its impact on human resource performance in services

Prof. Hristo Mibro

#Political Economy

Prof. Valentina McCani

#World economy

Prof. Orlin Tudoro

# International economic relations

Prof. Vasily Savlov

# Applications of technologies in economics

Prof. Bistro and Silva  

# Marketing

Prof. Tanaka Milk

# Application of various mathematical methods for making optimal decisions in the management of processes occurring in economic systems  

# Statistical and econometric methods and their application in economics, space and demography

Prof. Vaseline Hajib

# Implementation of various mathematical methods for making optimal decisions in the management of processes occurring in economic systems  

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