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Natural Sciences Professors

These professors at our universities
are looking for doctoral students
so we also added also their
research fields

Dear Friends,

Following the high level that our students present in our doctoral programs, a phenomenon has begun that professors turn to Gaia College and ask that we find them doctoral students in their research fields. I am happy to pass you a partial list of professors and disciplines we have received over the past few months.

Here you will find professors in various research fields that may be suitable for you: topics for a doctorate in education, a doctorate in special education, a doctorate in mathematics teaching, a doctorate in business administration, a doctorate in nursing, a doctorate in psychotherapy, a doctorate in marketing, a doctorate in psychology... and more and more.

If you find a field that interests you, you have a professor waiting for you. If you did not find one, challenge us and let us turn the world upside down for you - our personal history shows a reasonable chance that we will succeed.

Dr. Hila Fuchs, PhD, CEO
Gaia College - Fulfilling Academic Dreams

Doctorate Research Topics

Part One

PhD Topics in Natural Sciences

Prof. Ivanka Stankova

# Organic Chemistry

Prof. Stanislav Awk   

# Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by soil conservation treatment

Prof. Yitztuk Debitek

# Pedagogy of the Hurricane of Biology

# Pedagogy of environmental teaching

Prof. Stoyan Kostnevets

# There are

Prof. Gregor Turker

# A learning experience that produces an active and enlightened consciousness for the preservation of the environment

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