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Photos from the 29th annual event in memory of Prof. Hans Kreitler

The 29th annual event in memory of Prof. Hans Kreitler, founder of the Psychology Dep. of Tel Aviv Univ.

The sharp-eyed will recognize Prof. Shulamit Kreitler - Prof. Emeritus of Tel Aviv, head of the psycho-oncology department at Ichilov Hospital and publisher of about 400 studies and books, Prof. Haim Hazan - the well-known cultural anthropologist, Prof. Barak Segev - head of the School of Psychology, Prof. Yoram Les - Former Director General of the Ministry of Health, Brigadier General Dr. Arie Fishbein, PhD - Director General of the Friends of Meir Hospital, The Dr. Hila Fuchs, PhD Head of Gaia College reaserch dep. and of course the founder and CEO of Gaia College - Geo. Ariel Fuchs 

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