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In Psychology

Background on the university

The University of León is a young university, founded in 1979 and ranked 1001st in the world out of about one hundred thousand academic institutions. Its foundation began in 1843 as a teachers' seminary and a decade later a training institute for veterinarians was established there. Leon University has numerous collaborations, including with the University of Amsterdam, the University of Washington, and the University of Shanghai. The university has a variety of faculties: Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Law, Arts, Economics, Social Work, Information Systems Management, Mining Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Education, Health, Sports and Tourism.

A short lesson in geography

Leon was founded 2000 years ago under Roman rule in Spain. The city is located in the northwest of Spain. It is the capital of the province. Leon was the first place in Europe to have a parliament in 1188 and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 


A nationally recognized master's degree in psychology or a recognized master's degree in education with a therapeutic leave certificate program, a research project approved by a supervisor abroad, and an entrance interview.

How long do you study

Minimum period for graduation - two years. A complete curriculum ends in two years and does not include mandatory foreign travel, except for a flight to defend the degree. All learning takes place through distance learning.

What do you get at graduation

PhD degree in Psychology

Areas of research:

  • Intervention of educational psychology

  • Learning difficulties

  • Aging

  • Neuropsychology

  • Psychophysiology

  • Health Psychology

  • Developmenmtal Psychology

  • General Psychology


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