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Program Name:

Ph.D. in Health Professions, Nursing

nd Health Care Management.

Admission Requirements:

To be admitted, you need a recognized master's degree,

an approved research topic , and a successful entrance interview.


Duration of the degree:

The minimum duration for graduation is two years,

and the maximum is three years.


The comprehensive curriculum can be completed in two years,

which after the Corona do not includes any more four study insite periods

of approximately seven days each.


All courses and sessions can be conveniently delivered through online platforms such as Zoom.


Graduation Benefits:

Upon successful completion, you will receive a doctoral degree from a recognized University.


Details about the Ph.D. in Nursing and Health Care Management:

The Ph.D. program in Nursing is offered at The Medical University Varna \ MU Varna. MU Varna is a prestigious University.


It is ranked 30th in the world among all medical universities and boasts exceptional academic quality and a renowned doctoral faculty.


Academic reputation of UV Medical:

Bulgaria Rank:

Ranked 6th among 54 academic institutions in the country.

World Health Universities Rank:

Ranked 30th in the world for health universities.

World Academic Ranking: Ranked 3019 out of 100,000 academic institutions worldwide (in the top decile of the global academic community).


Awards and Recognitions:
Medical UV won first place in the 2017 Education Innovation WEBIT. Learn more about it here:

View BBC coverage of MU VARNA here:


Connect with MU VARNA on Facebook:
Stay up to date and participate at MU VARNA on Facebook:


Additional information about Bulgaria:
Bulgaria is a European country that broke away from the Communist-Soviet sphere of influence in the early 1990s and has a growing economy. Despite its vast territory (five times the size of Slovenia), the country has only seven million inhabitants. While agriculture and mineral resources remain important sectors, the country has achieved considerable economic prosperity and currently ranks 51st in the world on the HDI index.

Areas of Research:
Our Ph.D. program offers several areas of research including:

  • Health Systems Management

  • Medicine and health sciences

  • Legislation and health policy

  • Global epidemiology

  • Geopolitical aspects of health

  • Health Education

  • Career management in nursing

  • Erosion in nursing

  • Emotional Intelligence

At Gaia College, we are committed to making your academic dreams a reality. Let us know what your academic dream is, and we will guide you on the best way to get there.

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