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PhD in Economics
and Business Administration


Pursuing a doctoral degree in economics and business administration is a challenging yet highly rewarding endeavor. The program is designed for exceptional scholars seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in economics and business administration while continuing with their careers from the comfort of their home. Top-tier universities around the world offer doctoral programs in education, with a curriculum encompassing theoretical concepts, research methodologies, and practical applications.

Admission to the doctoral program

Admission to an individual doctoral program in economics and business administration requires a recognized master's degree, an approved research proposal, and the approval of the guidance supervisor. Additionally, an admission interview may sometimes be necessary. The selection process ensures that only the most qualified and dedicated scholars are admitted to the program.

Program lenght

The program typically spans three years, during which the candidate is required to travel abroad three times for short periods of about five days to attend conferences, seminars, and meet with instructors. Throughout the program, the student conducts research, writes a dissertation, and defends their work. The program provides an immersive and comprehensive educational experience, preparing the candidate for leadership roles in academia and industry.

The doctorate degree in economics and business administration

Upon completion of the program, the candidate is awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education, a prestigious degree recognized worldwide. The degree meets all four criteria for international recognition, including recognition in the Department for the Evaluation of Degrees in the Ministry of Education, local scholarship recognition, an international program involving students from all over the world, and a high academic rating that indicates proficiency in research and publication in ranked and respected journals.

PhD research topics

This doctoral program offers a diverse range of areas of research, including:

  • contemporary organizational paradigms

  • microeconomics

  • globalization 

  • career management

  • business management

  • organizational consulting

  • human resources

  • information management technology

  • public administration

  • marketing

  • accounting

  • business ethics

  • innovation

  • digital marketing

  • e-commerce

  • employee training

  • unemployment

  • employee attrition

  • quality assurance

  • environmental management

  • sustainable development

  • emotional intelligence at work

  • tourism

  • corporate responsibility

  • pension

  • insurance

  • and health economy


This wide range of research areas ensures that candidates can explore their interests and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in economics and business administration.

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