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Visiting University of Ljubljana

The doctoral study group for an interdisciplinary PhD in education at the University of Ljubljana - one of the best universities in the world.  

The doctorate appeared in medieval Europe as a license to teach in the academy - Latin: licentia docendi. The group of doctoral students of the third interdisciplinary degree in education at the University of Ljubljana combines Zoom studies with frontal studies. Here you can find photos from our visits to the university where these dear teachers, managers and people of the road are marching towards the doctorate degree and thus also returning the degree to its original roots where it was used as an academic degree meaning a license to be a "teacher" and "teach" in academic institutions.

Uni ljubljana logo
Hallway Entrance
לובליאנה 3_edited_edited.jpg
לובליאנה 5_edited.jpg
Rector's building of the University of Ljubljana. This is where you will end up getting your doctorate
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