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Welcome to Gaia College

A scientific and technological research and development institute and an international center for academic collaborations

Graduating Students

Welcome to Gaia College, where innovation meets excellence! We are committed to providing our students with the best academic experience to prepare them for successful careers. Our programs are designed to provide a well-rounded education that equips students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their field. Our faculty is a team of professionals, experts in their field, and dedicated to providing the support and guidance our students need to succeed. If you are looking for an educational institution that cares about its students,
You have come to the right place!

* All degrees are awarded by the universities and subject to the degree obligations as defined by the academic institution

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Academic mentor

Personal academic support and accompaniment throughout the course of studies, from deciding on the research topic to receiving the Doctorate degree*.


Academic accreditation

A deep understanding of academic principles has led us to develop a program where our courses, taught in a non-academic setting, give you academic credit at the undergraduate level and in some doctoral programs.


PhD abroad

The doctoral studies take place remotely or physically in the best universities in the world recognized by the Ministry of Education in Israel.


Maintain the routine of life

Distance learning programs combined with support and guidance make it possible to maintain a routine of life and career throughout the studies.


International relations

Thanks to the many collaborations, during the degree you will be able to participate in conferences, publish in well-known journals and get to know first-class professors.


Huge variety

At Gaia College you will find a wide variety of research fields in universities in Israel and abroad so that every student can find the degree that suits them*.


Gaia College - Ringgold ID no. 612580

* כל התארים מוענקים על ידי האוניברסיטאות ובכפוף לחובות התואר כפי שמוגדרים במוסד האקדמי בו לומד הסטודנט





professional studies
Bachelor's degree and Master's degree

The Academic Experience

PhD in political science
PhD in Economics and PhD Business Administration
Establishment of academic conferences
Doctorate for teachers
PhD in teaching mathematics
PhD in art therapy

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Benjamin Franklin

"Investing in education pays the best interest"

*The doctoral programs we offer

* All degrees are awarded by the universities and subject to the degree obligations as defined by the academic institution where the student studies

News and events

Gaia College Research Institute

Ringgold ID no. 612580; Com ID no. 16985467

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Google medal: 350
Best Uni Rank: 313


Gaia College Team

Gaia College - a place where academic dreams come true
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