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 Professors of Education

Professors at our universities
Who are looking for doctoral students and their fields of research

Dear Friends,


Following the high level that you present in all of our doctoral programs, a phenomenon has begun that professors turn to Gaia and ask that we find them doctoral students in their fields of research. I am happy to pass on to you the list of professors and disciplines we have received over the past few months. All of these areas of research are doctoral theses with a master’s degree as a prerequisite. Here you will find professors in various fields that are suitable for those who are looking for a doctorate in education, a doctorate in special education, a doctorate in mathematics teaching, a doctorate in business administration, a doctorate in nursing, a doctorate in psychotherapy, a doctorate in marketing ... ..more and more


At the beginning you will find the list of professors and research topics and in some cases you will also find details on each topic.  We'll be happy if you go through the list and see if one of the topics speaks to you. And we'll be happy if you find errors and enlighten our eyes.  In any case, I emphasize again, we are just constantly asked - these are doctoral programs without the need for a master's thesis.


If you find a field that speaks to you then you have a professor who is waiting especially for you !!! If you did not find one then challenge us and let us turn the world around for you - history shows that there is a reasonable chance that we will indeed succeed !!!


Geo Ariel Fox, Founder and CEO

Gaia - a world of academia

Areas of research

Part Two Topics for a Doctorate in Education

Prof. Stanislav Awk  

#Pedagogy of science and technology education

# Inquiry-Based Learning

Prof. Milena Mileva Balzik  

# children stories

Prof. Matthias Dagrin Poiker  

# Pedagogy of teaching English as a foreign language

Prof. Iztok Debtech    

#Pedagogy of Biology Teaching

#Pedagogy of environmental teaching

Prof. Tatiana Dejiac  

#Preschool education

Prof. Vasna Chapter Sobek  

#Educational technologies  

# Didactics of teaching chemistry

Prof. Flight Filipczyc  

#Pedagogy of physical education and its impact on students' longevity

# Sportive activity

Prof. Selbako Jaber Prof. Vasna Gershak

#Educational reforms

# The future of education

Education Policy

Prof. Vasna Gershak

     #Motional-dance approach to teaching, memorization and memory

#Creativity in education

#Psychological-emotional measurements while teaching 

Prof. Sasha Glazer  

# Pedagogy of the ruling of the ruling

Prof. Yara Gregor

# Evaluation and measurement of kindergarten quality

#Physical exercise in early childhood 

Prof. Tiana Hudnik Chadge

# Pedagogy of teaching mathematics

# Teaching is based on problems in mathematics and its impact on students' cognitive outcomes and     Emotional aspects / motivation  

# Help and guidance in troubleshooting  

# Geometric thinking  

# Analysis of characteristics that affect the understanding of mathematical concepts such as infinity, negative numbers, fractions ...

Prof. Jane Jashek

#Pedagogy of technological teaching

Prof. Maria Calber

Integrative education

Prof. Methoda Kemperl

# Pedagogy of Art Education

#Art as an educational tool

Prof. Slavoko Kociancic

#Pedagogy of teaching electronics

# Research-based learning

#Education open

# Student-focused approaches

Prof. Damien Kovesh

# Hearing impaired

Prof. Urban Kurdish

# Decision Making

#Punishment or retribution in teaching

# Awareness and experience research

#Cognitive sciences 

Prof. Frank Lubshin Cousin

# There are

# Nutrition education

Prof. Vida Manfred Koller

# Pedagogy Teaching Mathematics-Methods in Problem Solving

# Teaching math to the gifted

# Teaching problem solving in preschool

Prof. Irena Nancho Sarbak

# Learning styles  

# Pedagogy of Computer Science Teaching  

# Games and learning-based didactics

Prof. Maya Pechek Chuk

#Participation in the school educational process

# Sports and health  

#Justice in education and equal opportunities 

Prof. Thomas Note

# The role of the teacher

# Sports and health

Prof. Kerman Pizron

#Pedagogy of teaching a foreign language

Prof. Alan Pollack

# Teachers - the motivation to choose a profession, values, the teacher's feeling, cooperation between teachers 

Prof. Olga Polishk Skraven

#Expression of emotions in teaching

Prof. Simona Persson

# Individualism and collectivism of teachers and their perception of the other among the students in the class  

# The preschool teacher as the object of attachment

Prof. Jose Rojeli

# Games-based learning, collaborative learning  

# Innovative and flexible forms of teaching and learning with information and communication technologies

Prof. Barbara Sicherl Kapol

#Pedagogy in music education

#Non-verbal communication in music education

#Effect of musical education on psychomotor development

# Creating and performing music  Contemporary as a way of learning

Prof. Daria Scooby

Verbal and physical violence in kindergarten

Prof. Helena Smartnik

# Personal inclinations as a predictor of academic success, matriculation scores and psychometrics

# Comprehensive inductive educational approach and its impact on students' social behavior

Prof. Ryan Shaman

# On the need to continue learning throughout life — a choice of necessity

# The role of identity in the teaching of philosophy  

# Teaching philosophy to children  

# Didactics of teaching philosophy  

# A community that researches and learns

 Prof. Veronica Tesner

#Violence at school  

Teaching Feminists

#Co-educational schools and communities as a counterweight to neo-liberalism and the ills of the Western world

# Robotics and automation, Katz World of Employment and Katz Education  

# Social capital and education

Prof. Beya Tomshi Amon  

#Educational visual arts education  

# Architecture and Environment: Sustainable Education

# Intercultural education, cultural diversity and visual arts

Prof. Gregor Turker

# A learning experience that produces active and intelligent minds that work to preserve the environment  

# The educational experience of playing in the woods

# Environmental values and concern for the environment

Prof. Maya Omek

# Cognitive maps  

#Using Cognitive Maps in Teaching

#Geography teaching

Prof. Milena and Glitter Zaltan

# The role of the teacher in education reforms

# Should assessment only reflect knowledge?

# Development and implementation of tools for teacher development and improving the teaching experience

# Didactic abilities of teachers from the child's point of view

#The flexible teacher

# The researching teacher

Prof. Daria Zark Mauer  

#Children's rights and preventive educational activities in schools in response to violence and deviant behavior

Prof. Natasha Tzrim Martinik  

# Impact of habits and daily education practice on teachers' pedagogy  

# Social inclusion versus social exclusion in school

Prof. Irena Zagor

# Complex disabilities - education and care

Prof. Ciprian Marius Sabano

Phenomena and processes in virtual education  

# Contemporary development and models of learning theories

# Leadership and management of educational institutions and educational group

Prof. Kerman Michaela Carto

# Policy and management of education

# Gifted students

# Curriculum theory and curriculum development

# Comparative education

Prof. Constantine Coconut

#Education and diversity
#Pedagogy of culture
#Philosophy of Education

Prof. Florin Vasyl Permus

# Metacognition and learning in school
# Personal Epistemology in Education
# Learning in the virtual environment


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