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I hereby apply for doctoral studies abroad.
Therefore, I hereby transfer the enrollment fees and the documents necessary for finding the supervisor.

The enrollment fee for Gaya College in the amount of $1000 can be transferred in the following manner:
The enrollment fee should be transferred through PayPal

The documents you need to start the search for a supervisor:
1. Photocopy of passport
2. Photocopy of the diploma and grades of the master's degree
3. The research topic will be translated into English (after our orientation meeting)
4. CV in English

I understand that the application fee will be fully refunded only if I provide Gaia with all the above documents to find a supervisor for my research topic in case Gaia College cannot find a supervisor.

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the attached Study Agreement and certify that this agreement is acceptable to me unless I have reservations about this agreement. By remitting the registration fee to Gaia College, I agree to the foregoing.



 Digital Registration to Gaia College

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Gaia College - Ringgold ID no. 612580

Gaia College Team
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In order to enroll in Gaia College
The details must be filled in above and not here in the potter
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