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The unique research model of Gaia College for academic research allows you to study all over the world with the universities we work with and all from the armchair in the living room or at the university in the sand or a combination of the two models. And of course we have unique and innovative teaching methods that will allow you to discover the academic world anew!

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Learning Academic English - What Does It Mean?

Every doctoral program requires a high level of English. It does not matter if you do your doctorate in the country or if you do your doctorate abroad. Both require the same level of English. The advantage is that in Israel it is possible to hide the lack of knowledge of English, and it takes several years until someone discovers that you do not know academic English at a sufficient level. In addition, you will not be able to write your doctorate because you will not be able to read the academic sources of your research. 

In the sand the reality of knowing or not knowing the English language stands out from the first moment. And the same weakness that makes it impossible to do a doctorate in Israel floats to the surface almost from the first moment of academic interaction, in the academic discourse in classes, in reading the sources to prepare the research plan, first year and in meeting with students from all over the world.

Here it is important to emphasize that all international curricula in Israel and around the world are taught in English, and we have 4  Reasons why you should learn and improve your English with us:

1. So that you can conduct your conversations with your doctoral supervisors
2. So that you do not feel dumb in the social discourse that takes place during breaks and in the evenings when you meet the other students who have come to doctoral studies from all over the world
3. So that you can read the list of academic sources on which your research is based
4. In order for you to have a pleasant and comfortable time participating in the sequence of discourse that takes place in the classroom during the studies

Therefore, especially for you, we have developed here, at Gaia College, a unique method based on reading academic sources in your field of study, in order to strengthen your English and bring you to a position where you can conduct an academic discourse at the highest level.

Come refresh your English and get going as you master the faucets of the language and its fluent speech.

Join us for zoom sessions of up to four participants two or three times a week.

Before starting your English studies, there will be a zoom meeting with the teacher to examine your English level and to place you in a class with students at your level.
Based on your level of English we will decide which program is best for you of the two programs.
- 3 times a week, zoom, in groups of two to four (3 times a week and when you reach the required level of English, switch to twice a week)
Twice a week, zoom in, in groups of two to four

Everything is zoomed in and everything is at the highest academic level required for doctoral studies abroad.

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There are many ways to get to know Gaia College for Academic Research. One way is to go page by page on the website and find out what academic surprises await on each page. Or just let the wind take you. From a third degree in education and a doctorate in psychology to a post-doctorate in Mashhak to receiving a professorship in business administration. Or just let luck take you on the fascinating and magical journey called Gaia College for Academic Research. With love - Gaia College team.

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