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Eli Tzarfati -
An outstanding elementary school principal in Safed turned a red school into a green school with ten fingers—a doctoral student at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education.
According to the conceptions of humanistic education in a systemic approach, a school management researcher. 
Sharon Shoshani-Mohali -
Head Nurse in the Department of Cardiology, Ph.D. student at one of the best medical universities in the world - Varna Medical University, Faculty of Public Health.
Investigate the link between an implanted defibrillator and post-traumatic stress disorder to develop an assessment tool for early detection of patients at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Adham Farha -
He is a teacher and educator who started his career in the garage but, with the encouragement and support of his wife, became a teacher with a bachelor's degree and did a master's degree. Today, he is on the verge of realizing his dream and becoming a doctor at one of the best universities in the world—a doctoral student at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education.
Researches the perception of identity and leadership characteristics among youth in non-formal education as expressed in the Scout movement.
Adam attended the Bosnian International Conference this month and was a great success. Pride!
Nagham Farha - 
I will receive a school principal who took up the position between the first year and the second year of the doctorate. Despite this, she did not give up and decided to do these two huge tasks simultaneously. This is while she enjoys great success and appreciation both in her doctorate and the school's management.
I will be researching the application of humanistic pedagogical approaches within the framework of school management in order to impart tools and capabilities to even the weakest populations in the school.
Amir Andreas -
Amir began his doctoral studies as a deputy principal. He, too, almost like everyone else, was worried he was entering his doctoral studies without a thesis. However, his admission to the University of Ljubljana's doctoral program was smooth, and he quickly discovered that those who did research work and seminars throughout their undergraduate and graduate degrees could access doctoral studies even if they completed their master's degree without a thesis. These days, Amir has received a happy announcement that he has been accepted into the Ministry of Education's executive program, and we will soon have another school principal in the program. Come up, and I will succeed, champion.
Amir explores the emotional and social effects of adding physical education hours on students and the extent to which their attitude towards the educational system in general and their emotional and cognitive participation during the other lessons in school improve.
Amani Salameh - 
Amani is a math teacher who loves her profession and invests a lot of time and resources in children and in planning her lesson plans. As part of her master's degree, Amani researched technology-based peer learning, and her doctorate was a great opportunity for her to take the technological-pedagogical-social environment she developed to conduct systematic and qualitative doctoral research that could serve in the coming years as an important milestone in teaching mathematics in particular. Humanists. 

Slowly, we will introduce all of our doctoral students
There is something to look forward to

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