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Attitudes of parents and children towards people with disabilities and their integration into society Hila Fuchs 2021, Kultura, Społeczeństwo, Edukacja

Fuchs, A., Fuchs, H., & Roffe, E. (2023). Small Amount Fallacy - Its Psychological Causes, Their Cumulative Destructive Effect, and the Mathematical Solution. In R. Stefko, R. Fedorko, & E, Benkova. (Eds.). ISBN 978-80-555-3215-8

Fuchs, H., Perkova, T., Fishbein, A., Galily, D., & Fuchs, A. Psychological Flexibility in Human Leadership -Facing the Challenges and Needs of the 21st Century Working Social Spaces. In R. Stefanko, , R. Fedorko, & E, Benkova. (Eds.). Economic, Management & Business. Presov Uni. ISBN 9788055532158

Fuchs, H. & Fuchs, A. (2023). The Effect of an Intervention Program Based on Cognitive Behavioral Principles on the Quality of Life of Third Graders in a Classroom with Behavior Problems. International Quality Conference, 14, 1985-2010. May 2023, Kragujevac, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-6335-104-2

The Effect of a CBT-Based Intervention Program on the Quality of Life of Elemntary School Students IQC, International Quality Conference, 14, 1985-2010. Kragujevac, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-6335-104-2, 2023

Fuchs, H. (2022). Psychological flexibility and attitudes towards individuals with disabilities. Culture-Society-Education, 21(1), 145-159. Poznan: Adam Mickiewicz University Press. ISSN: 2300-0422, ISSN (Online): 2719-2717.

“Cognitive bias and psychological flexibility in decision-making processes in special education committees” Written by Hila Fuchs and Slawomir Banaszak

Fuchs, H., & Amar, I. (2023). The ability to self-advocate, the right to have the student's independent status heard in the Eligibility and Characterization Committee. Mind, body and soul. The 6th National Scientific Conference of the National Center for Relations between Education Teams and Parents. Levinsky Academic Center, Tel Aviv.

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