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Dr. Hila Fuchs

Post Ph.D. Researcher
University of Ljubljana

Head of Researcher Department
Gaia College


Fuchs, H. (2016). CBT in the Classroom: Fostering Self-Management and Self-Regulation. Research for completing obligations M.Ed degree. The David Yellin Academic College of Education, Jerusalem. [Hebrew].

Fuchs, H. (2017). The impact of intervention based on cognitive-behavioral principles for developing management skills and self-regulation on classroom-climate, protection-feelings, student's development and learning. Inter-College Conference for the Presentation of Outstanding MEd Research Papers, 2. At the Educational Counseling Table: Development of Personal Ability headed by Zamir, Y. Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv. (1st January, 2017). [Hebrew].

Fuchs, H. (2018). The influence of an intervention program based on cognitive-behavioral principles - with the goal of fostering self-management and self-regulation - on the classroom climate, the sense of personal security, and opportunities for development and learning. IV International Conference: A Person in a World of Cultural and Social Change. Faculty of Educational Studies of AMU. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.

Fuchs, H. (2021). Psychological Flexibility and Attitudes towards Disability - Psycho-Socio Educational Study of the Relations between Parents and Children. Ph.D Dissertation. Faculty of Educational Studies of AMU. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. Repozytorium Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza (AMUR): Elastyczność psychologiczna a postawy wobec niepełnosprawności. Psycho-społeczno-edukacyjne studium relacji między rodzicami a dziećmi

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Fuchs, H. (2021). Attitudes of parents and children towards people with disabilities and their integration into society. Culture-Society-Education, 20(2), 91-109. Poznań: Adam Mickiewicz University Press.

Fuchs, H. (in pub). CBT in the Classroom: fostering self-management and self-regulation. Culture-Society-Education, Poznań: Adam Mickiewicz University Press.

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